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Jan 11 '13

Forget the gym, go rock climbing!

If you are looking for a sport that will get you fit and help you lose the extra weight you took during the Christmas holidays, take up rock climbing. This is an activity that has many benefits, especially that of making you work many muscles at the same time. Indeed, you are using your arms, of course, but also your legs, your back and your core. Furthermore, it is a very social sport were you get to meet lots of different people.

Team sport and individual challenge

There are 2 main disciplines in rock climbing: traditional with ropes and harness’, and bouldering. The first implies a close and confident relationship between the climber and the belay who will ensure their safety. The second consists of climbing short but more intense problems without a rope. The advantage of bouldering is that you only need climbing shoes (and a crash mat if you are going outdoor). You climb with other people and friendly compete with each other, but mainly against yourself.

Even when you are climbing with ropes, rock climbing is a sport in which you will always challenge yourself rather than competing against someone or as part of a team. The only element of team is that you need to trust the person belaying you and inspire confidence to your climber when you belay them.
Rock climbing is fun and can be done whenever you want (there are lots of indoor facilities in the UK) and for as long as you want or can each time. You will become fit and lean while having fun, so don’t wait and join your local climbing wall.

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Dec 18 '12
This is what we like to see.. Getting into the festive spirit!

This is what we like to see.. Getting into the festive spirit!

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Dec 18 '12
Santa’s got skills!

Santa’s got skills!

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Nov 19 '12


As artist Paul Trevillion analyses Ibrahimovic’s wonder goal, Sportsmail looks at why we all now know he’s a genius…

 Zlatan Ibrahimovic gave himself the perfect 10 but for once he may have been guilty of underestimating his own importance.

For a start there was the wonder goal, a 30-yard propeller kick, the final piece in his four-goal demolition of England which quickly became an internet sensation, hailed as one of the best goals ever.

But there was more to it, because after a night when the Swedes declared their handsome new national stadium open for business, their captain’s heroics were considered capable of healing social wounds and stemming the rise of the political far-right in the country.
Even in slow motion, Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s incredible acrobatic propeller kick is difficult to comprehend. He is 6ft 5in and 15st, so how did he leap eight feet in the air to score a 30-year goal? Artist Paul Trevillion explains…

  1. Main man: Zlatan Ibrahimovic celebrates his goal
  2. Quick of thought and totally focused, he sights the ball and bends his knees to prepare
  3. The non-kicking left foot leaves the ground first
  4. The left foot’s rapid upward swing gets him airbourne
  5. In mid-air, he brings the kicking foot into play
  6. The right foot strikes the ball in a looping goal-bound trajectory
  7. The momentum of the strike spins him over before landing and celebrating 

.. How could we not post about this?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored 4 goals in a friendly against England last week - and his 4th was an absolute beauty. It almost made everybody forget about the other 3 he scored!

Would you say this was the greatest overhead kick ever? There are a few contenders in Jamie Redknapp’s overhead kick guide.

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Oct 16 '12

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Oct 16 '12

How great is Britain?

We saw Great Britain play as a collective team during the Olympics, but now it’s time to separate again. As the United Kingdom prepare themselves for their next World Cup qualifying games tonight, we’re looking at their chances of succeeding the qualifying stages and making it to the World Cup in Brazil in 2014.

England are (at this moment in time) top of their qualifying table after 2 strong 5-0 wins and a draw against Ukraine. The new manager, Roy Hodgson, is mixing the veterans with the exciting youth prospects to work on the long-term plan. Despite the accusations that from Patrick Vieira stating “The young players do not love playing for England”, plenty have shown passion, determination & a refreshing attitude when they’ve put their national shirt on. England look to be the strongest team in their group, but (as we all know) anything can happen in football- so they’ll need to stay focused, get the job done and demonstrate what they’re really capable of on a world stage.

England vs Poland

Scotland have just 2 points from 3 games and are away to group leaders Belgium tonight. It’s going to be a tough challenge to get 3 points. They will be kicking themselves after their last-minute defeat to Wales on Friday night, but since captain (and Manchester United star) Darren Fletcher is back match-fit, who knows what might happen.

Wales face a strong Croatian side tonight after coming back to beat Scotland 2-1 on Friday. Their star man, Gareth Bale, grabbed both goals and salvaged what was going to be a nice result for the Scots. The Welsh winger has been compared to the likes of Messi and Ronaldo by former Spurs boss Harry Redknapp. Some would beg to differ, but there’s no denying this talent could help Wales make it to Brazil. Wales currently sit 4th in their table at the moment, after losing to Belgium, then taking a heavy 6-1 defeat to Serbia. 3 points would help them a lot tonight.


Northern Ireland take on Ronaldo and friends when they face Portugal tonight, which is always going to be a demanding task. It’s unlikely they’ll get any points- especially if their performance is similar to the game against Luxembourg, where they managed to let a 1-0 lead slip on the 86th minute. They’ve also lost to Russia so only have 1 point on the table so far. A bit of Irish luck is in need..


Republic of Ireland are looking to bounce back and make a point tonight against Faroe Islands- who haven’t managed to get a point yet. ROI’s last game was one to be forgotten; a 6-1 defeat to the Germans left them demoralised and asking questions, but the Irish are aiming to impress and show what quality they have tonight so try and reach 6 points. The top 2 teams in the group – Sweden and Germany – face each other tonight to give Republic of Ireland a chance to catch up on them.

So which nations will make it to Brazil? There will surely be some surprises, also some shocks. We will see how Great Britain really is.

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Aug 29 '12

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Aug 29 '12

PARALYMPICS, LONDON 2120: The Opening Ceremony is on tonight (20 August 2012) on Channel 4 @ 8pm (until 11.20pm).

Get behind them! #ParalympicsGB


PARALYMPICS, LONDON 2120: The Opening Ceremony is on tonight (20 August 2012) on Channel 4 @ 8pm (until 11.20pm).

Get behind them! #ParalympicsGB

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Aug 28 '12

Will you wear red or light blue to visit Manchester?

With the new football season kicking off shortly, evidence that the rivalry between Manchester United and Manchester City has intensified and gone global was found in Kuala Lumpur recently. 

Amid a sea of sky-blue fans greeting the club at a friendly match in the Malaysian capital, there stood a lone Manchester United supporter, who had zipped off his jacket to reveal his red shirt. His determined singing was finally silenced by the appearance of the Premier League trophy on the field below. 

Manchester City benefited from an injection of capital courtesy of the new owner last season and finally silenced Manchester United fans all over the world by winning the Premier League. The dramatic end to the season’s battle saw City clinch the Premiership title on goal difference from their long-time rivals Manchester United.

With the nearest club to the two Manchester teams, Arsenal, a massive 19 points behind them, the two rivals now appear to be in a league of their own. 


Manchester City waited 44 years for the sweet taste of Premiership success and it does not seem likely they will have to wait so long again. City had trailed for a long time in United’s shadow, but they now look set to enjoy a spell in their own limelight. The manner in which they won the title promises to set City’s rivalry with United on a whole new level, so get ready for sparks to fly next season.

Denis Law, who played for both clubs, says this intensified rivalry will be good for the city of Manchester. Opening a new exhibition at United’s ground, Old Trafford, which celebrates his career, he said that to have two indisputably world-class football teams in the very same city was unique and made Manchester a special place to visit.

He commented that: “Obviously you’ve got Barcelona and you’ve got Real Madrid, but they’re one club in a city. We’ve got two in the city of Manchester, so we’re known throughout the world.”


Key dates for next season will be the derbies between the two clubs, which take place on Saturday 8 December 2012 at City’s Etihad Stadium, with the Old Trafford game on 6 April 2013.


The intense rivalry of United and City, and this rivalry being placed on a new footing by the dominance of both club’s over last year’s league table results, does make Manchester a city with a very special appeal to visitors. Its hospitality is second to none, with a welcoming bed and delicious breakfast available at great guest houses such as the Luther King House.

The excitement of the football combined with its fantastic shops, great cultural centres and lively nightlife mean there has never been a better time to visit Manchester, whether it’s for work or leisure.

Visit this website if you want to find places to host conferences in Manchester but do make sure that your invitations specify whether attendees should opt for red shirts or sky-blue shirts! 

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Visit Manchester

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Aug 27 '12

Which were the 5 best bodies at the Olympics?


This article lists 5 of the best bodies at the 2012 Olympics, including Ryan Lochte, Jessica Ennis, Tom Daley, Yohan Blake plus Menegatti and Cicolari.  

The 2012 Olympics brought sporting prowess and superb physical conditioning to the world stage. As viewers marvelled at the athletes’ achievements, many were also bowled over by the fantastic physiques on display. Here’s a round-up of the 5 best bodies from different sports.  

Ryan Lochte 

USA’s Ryan Lochte brought home several medals from the London Olympics, including two gold and two silver, but he also brought home a legion of new fans thanks to his fit body. The swimmer’s defined upper body helps propel him through the water and gives him plenty of modelling work.

Ryan credits a strong core as the foundation to a swimmer’s success, and he teaches you how to achieve this in his own fitness video. Michael Phelps from the USA is another Olympic swimmer who made many spectators weak-kneed with his physique, as did France’s Camille Lacourt.  

 best bodies at the Olympics

Jessica Ennis 

Heptathlete Jessica Ennis made Britain proud when she won gold in the 2012 Olympics. Her impressive washboard stomach meant viewers couldn’t understand when a high-ranking official in UK Athletics called her fat before the Games began.

It’s no wonder those competing in the heptathlon have abs of steel, since they have to train for the high jump, long jump, shot put, javelin, 100m hurdles, 200m and 800m. This creates strength across the whole body.  

best bodies at the Olympics

Yohan Blake

Sprinter Yohan Blake is known as ‘The Beast’ because he trains so hard. All that effort paid off in the Games in 2012, as he came second in both the men’s 100m and 200m finals behind his fellow Jamaican Usain Bolt. Blake was also part of the world-record-breaking men’s 4 x 100m relay team.

Short distance runners need powerful arms to help them make it to the finish line. Blake is a shining example of how hard work can get you the medal and the physique.

Menegatti and Cicolari

Italy’s beach volleyball players Marta Menegatti and Greta Cicolari’s strong and lean bodies help them jump and stretch to get the ball over the net. As competitors in this sport have a lot of flesh on display, it’s no wonder their physiques get a lot of attention.  

Team GB’s Zara Dampney and Shauna Mullin also displayed toned tummies at the Games. All that practice in the sun means tanned skin and muscles that are even more defined.

Tom Daley

Tom Daley has been diving since he was seven, proving that dedication from a young age helps you win the medals and the body. His rippling torso is a result of hours of training every day. He won gold at the World Championships and European Championships, and a bronze in the 10-metre platform dive at the 2012 Olympics.  

It seems a lot of viewers, whether single or dating someone they met on, were ogling these athletes at the London 2012 Olympics. And it’s easy to see why…  

 best bodies at the Olympics

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